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Who we areJuly 2010

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Who we are:


Climate Action Network Canada – Réseau action climat Canada is composed of over 85 member organizations from across the country.

Climate Action Network Canada is the only organization in the country with a mandate to promote the climate movement as a whole, rather than the interests and programs of any one organization.

Our diverse membership have their own styles and approaches, but they share a desire to work with other likeminded organizations. They want to learn from and influence other groups in the climate movement, combine resources, develop common messages, and avoid re-inventing the wheel or tripping over one another. With a view to maximize their collective impact, these organizations want and need a way of coordinating their activities. They believe that they are stronger when they stand together.

Our members

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Mission Statement

To combat climate change, particularly by pressing for comprehensive climate change action plans by all levels of government, based on the best available science, with specific policies, targets, timetables and reporting, and to work with Canada’s governments, First Nations, Inuit and Metis, private sector, labour, and civil society for the effective implementation of these plans.

What we do:

Climate Action Network Canada – Réseau action climat Canada is working to:

• Ensure Canada sets goals and adopts policies to end its dependence on fossil fuels, in particular the tar sands, and reduce its greenhouse gas pollution;

• Push Canada to do its fair share to help developing countries as well as vulnerable regions in Canada to adapt to the impacts of climate change and to adopt clean energy technology;

• Encourage Canada to put in place meaningful policies to support and invest in safe, clean and reliable renewable energy while creating clean energy jobs to make Canada a leader in the clean energy economy;

• Support provincial and municipal efforts to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and invest in safe, clean, and renewable energy technology.


Annual Reports

Climate Action Network Canada Annual Report 2011/2012

Climate Action Network Canada Annual Report 2010/2011

Climate Action Network Canada Annual Report 2009/2010

Climate Action Network Canada Annual Report 2008/2009
Climate Action Network International regional networks

Climate Action Network Canada is one of many regional nodes of Climate Action Network International

Climate Action Network Regional Networks

CAN-Australia (CANA)
CAN-Canada (RAC-Canada)
CAN-East Africa
CAN-Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia
CAN-France (RAC-France)
CAN-Japan (Kiko Network)
CAN-Latin America (CAN-LA)
CAN-North Africa (RAC-Maghreb)
CAN-South Asia (CANSA)
CAN-Southern Africa (SACAN)
CAN-South East Asia (CAN-SEA)
CAN-United States (USCAN)
CAN-West Africa (West Africa)


Joining Climate Action Network Canada

  • Read Climate Action Network Canada’s Charter and Domestic Policy Statement located here temporarily (We are presently revising dimensions of this document as it is out of date, we are happy to discuss with you directly if you have questions in the meantime. If you are planning to join Climate Action Network, the membership statement should be read by the most senior executive at your organization).
  • Determine if your organization qualifies for Member or Associate status (see below)
  • Contact Climate Action Network Canada either by email (info-@-climateactionnetwork.ca) or phone (613.241.4413) to discuss membership with a member of our staff
  • Determine your level of contribution for your annual membership fee:
    Organizational Budget Suggested Contribution
    $1 million or more $5,000
    $500,000 or more $2,000
    $50,000 or more $500
    Less than $50,000 $40


Please Note

Climate Action Network Canada does not accept individuals as members.

There are two membership categories:

  • Member (incorporated not for profit organizations)
  • Associate (unincorporated not for profit having at least 5 members)

The annual membership fee is a minimum of $40 for Members or Associates.

To be a member in good standing:

  1. all member dues must be paid in full
  2. a signed copy of the CAN-RAC platform must be on file at the CAN-RAC National office in Ottawa; and
  3. the organization’s application must be approved at one of the Board of Directors’ regular semi-monthly meetings.